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Hopkirk heads the paradeHopkirk had to be blocked from being first across the finish line... here he leads the pack approaching the Opera House on Circular Quay. (photo - opsbooks on Flickr) May 23, 2009
Coke Moke at the FinishHans Tholstrup, John Crawford and the Coca-Cola Moke, with the Terrier truck in the background, make it to Sydney. (photo - opsbooks on Flickr)May 23, 2009
Leaving TehranJohn Stathatos points the way for driver Erling Jensen as they make an early morning start from the Tehran control with 8hrs 54mins allowed to cover the 750kms to Yazd. May 16, 2009
Escort refuelsAn eagle smashed into the Escort screen on the run down from Alice Springs. Seen here adjusting the temporary screen at a fuel stop on the way to Port Augusta. Another screen was found and fitted in Adelaide.May 15, 2009
Vanson / Luc - Citroen CX2400The Patrick Vanson / Jean Paul Luc Citroen CX2400 on a section in YugoslaviaMay 15, 2009
Magenta at scrutineeringPhilip Youngs chats his way through scrutineering for the kit car Magenta.May 15, 2009
Zasada fuels upZasada at an Old Kent Road fuel station on the way to Sheerness. In the background the O'Connell Citroen, is being refuelled.May 15, 2009
Hopkirk pours oil inPlenty of oil was required after the Citroen suffered a cracked sump. At one point the crew 'borrowed' the oil from a couple of parked cars leaving the sump plug on the bonnet to warn the returning owners. May 15, 2009
Cherokee leaves the start.Americans, Don Brown and Cam Warren leave the start in their 6500cc Jeep Cherokee.May 13, 2009
Range Rover burns outThe sad end of the Prive / Briy Range Rover near the finish and on course to win the 4WD category.May 13, 2009
Subaru in LondonThe Japanese entered Subaru 4WD sets out from London on day one of the 77 London-Sydney Rally. This was thought to be Subaru's first ever entry on an international rally.May 13, 2009
Tuthill BeetleThe Tuthill / Showell VW Beetle at scrutineeringMay 05, 2009
Tuthill BeetleApplying stickers to the Tuthill Showell VW Beetle at scrutineering.May 05, 2009
Tuthill BeetleThe well loaded Beetle of Francis Tuthill and Anthony Showell included a spare engine packed in to the rear seat space. The engine would be fitted beside the motorway in the south of France.May 05, 2009
The Winning Mercedes 280EAndrew Cowan, Colin Malkin and Mike Broad in the winning Mercedes 280E, seen here in Yugoslavia.May 03, 2009
Leyland Terrier TruckCoca-Cola also supported the Mini Moke entry to form the Little and Large team on London-Sydney 77.May 03, 2009
Leyland Terrier TruckThe Coca-Cola V8 Leyland Terrier Truck competing in 1977 long before trucks became common on events such as Paris-DakarMay 03, 2009
Tony FowkesTony Fowkes smiles for the camera in the Johnson Rally Wax MercedesMay 03, 2009
Fowkes - O'Gorman - Mercedes 280EThe Tony Fowkes and Peter O'Gorman Mercedes kicks up dust in YugoslaviaMay 03, 2009
Car 43 - Peugeot 504TI - Covent GardenThe Birkett, Orrick, van Delft, Peugeot 504 turning into Bow Street from the Covent Garden start. They later retired at Makarska on the Adriatic coast. Apr 23, 2009
Car 1 - Mazda RX4The Mazda RX4 of John Williams, Frank Johnson and Richard Matson came 9th overall and were the 1st private owner. They drove for many hours without a windsceen after hitting a cow... the animal got up and walked away. Feb 27, 2009
Car 11 - Range RoverThe French Range Rover of Jacky Prive and Jacques Briy caught fire after rolling almost within touching distance of the Sydney finish.Feb 27, 2009
Car 45 - Citroen CX2400The Hopkirk, Taylor, Riley, Citroen CX2400 being unloaded at Fremantle. They would finish in third place overall. Feb 27, 2009
Car 66 CrewYveline Vanoni and Christine Dacremont in London before the start.Feb 25, 2009
Magenta kit carThe Philip Young / John Corner Magenta kit car leaving the Covent Garden startFeb 24, 2009
Ford Escort RS2000This picture taken soon after the car returned to the UKFeb 24, 2009
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