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Motoring News (UK)


Motoring News, like many specialist motoring journals in the UK, did not regard the 77 London-Sydney Rally as a serious rally but with the presence of crews such as Cowan, Hopkirk, Fowkes, Dunkerton and others they did cover the event to a limited degree.

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Autosport (UK)


Here is a selection of articles published in Autosport during 1977. (We have several more Autosport items in the pipeline - 20/5/09)

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Rally Sport (UK)


Rally Sport magazine was typical of motor sport journals in adopting a sceptical view of the 1977 London Sydney Rally and perhaps Wylton Dickson's failure to embrace the demands of the sport contributed to the negative attitudes.

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Pickup Van & 4WD (USA)


Don E. Brown was the editor of US magazine Pickup, Van & 4WD and drove the big Jeep Cherokee on the 1977 London-Sydney Rally. In this excellent article that Don wrote for the January 1978 edition of his magazine he looks back on the whole event. Thanks go to Don for sending the article to us.

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Racing Car News (Australia)


Journalist Max Stahl followed the 1977 London-Sydney Rally providing some of the most comprehensive coverage including many radio broadcasts. This is a Max Stahl article published in the November 77 edition of the Australian magazine Racing Car News.

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Magazine Articles and Cuttings


A collection of short newspaper cuttings and magazine articles.

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The Regulations


The Official Regulations for the Longest Car Rally In History.

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Newspaper Cuttings (pdf format)


Articles and documents in this album are in pdf format. After selecting a document click the thumbnail image to open the chosen pdf file.

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Last additions - Cuttings and Documents
The Adelaide News 23 September 1977This is The Adelaide News front page article about the accident between the Dacrement / Vanoni Fiat and the Stuckelberger / Cheneviere Citroen. Also see the Memories page for Stuart Darbyshire's memories of flying the severly injured Christine Dacremont to hospital. Aug 27, 2011
Autosport 4th August 1977Ten days before the start Autosport acknowledge that the event will start and even report Henry Liddon's comment "I know it is going to be a hell of a hard event".Jun 01, 2009
Autosport 11th August 1977Reading this article you might get the impression that Autosport was not bowled over by the quality of the entry line up.Jun 01, 2009
Autosport 25th August 1977Ten days into the event Autosport reports progress as far as Teheran.Jun 01, 2009
Rally Sport - August 1977 - Page 1 of 3Considering the apparent failure of the organisers to keep up to speed with the publicity & organisational essentials for the longest rally in history it is hardly surprising that David Hardcastle adopts a jaundiced view in this article. May 28, 2009
Rally Sport - August 1977 - Page 2 of 3Second page of David Hardcastle's preview of the 1977 London to Sydney Rally.May 28, 2009
Rally Sport - August 1977 - Page 3 of 3Final page of David Hardcastle's preview of the 1977 London to Sydney Rally.May 28, 2009
Rally Sport - September 1977This filler for the Rally Sport 'In The News' page considers the little and large Coca-Cola entered Mini Moke and Leyland Terrier Truck. May 28, 2009