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Autosport 4th August 1977Ten days before the start Autosport acknowledge that the event will start and even report Henry Liddon's comment "I know it is going to be a hell of a hard event".Jun 01, 2009
Autosport 11th August 1977Reading this article you might get the impression that Autosport was not bowled over by the quality of the entry line up.Jun 01, 2009
Autosport 25th August 1977Ten days into the event Autosport reports progress as far as Teheran.Jun 01, 2009
Autosport 18th August 1977A few words and pictures covering the start of the event.May 20, 2009
Ticket to Teheran - Autosport 18th August 1977 - page 2 of 2Pictures accompanying Henry Liddons Iranian survey articleMay 20, 2009
Ticket to Teheran - Autosport 18th August 1977 - page 1 of 2To the annoyance of Wylton Dickson, Henry Liddon and David Greenwell set up side-line business selling detailed route notes to competitors. This is Henry's story of his trip to survey the Yazd-Tabas desert section in Iran.May 20, 2009
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