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Don Brown article page 11Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article page 11May 15, 2009
Don Brown article page 10Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article page 10May 15, 2009
Don Brown article page 9Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article page 9May 15, 2009
Don Brown article page 8Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article page 8May 15, 2009
Don Brown article page 7Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article - page 7May 15, 2009
You're only Young onceAn irreverent CCC magazine article about how a couple of 'genuine idiots' plan to drive a Magenta kit car from London to Sydney. May 15, 2009
Magenta - Daily Mail 15th July 1977The Daily Mail Motoring section article captioned - "Across the world in a car you can build in a garden shed."May 15, 2009
Daily Mail pre-start Magenta storyA day-before-the-start Daily Mail article features the Philip Young (Mail News Desk journalist) and John Corner, Magenta kit car entry.May 15, 2009
Motoring News 29th September 1977Motoring News briefly reports the provisional Mercedes victory and how the event finish is overshadowed by unresolved protests.May 15, 2009
Motoring News 15th September 1977A short article updating the positions at Singapore. Recalls the problems and protests about the Malaysian special stage routes and a Zasada penalty that was imposed then removed.May 15, 2009
Motoring News 1st September 1977Summary of the event from Madras including the top twenty leader board.May 15, 2009
Motoring News 11th August 1977Motoring News covers the rally start. There is also an article looking at the preparation of Tony Fowkes Mercedes.May 15, 2009
The rally leaves AdelaideA typical newspaper article about the rally as it leaves Adelaide on the way to Melbourne.May 13, 2009
Driver awaits desert rescueAn Australia Sunday Mail article about the Don Brown Cam Warren - Jeep Cherokee breakdown and Don's four day wait for rescue.May 13, 2009
Jim Gavin - Old Stager ArticleJim Gavin recalls how he put together his entry for the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon.Apr 21, 2009
Motoring News 18th August 1977A Gerry Phillips 'Verglas' written article covering the start of the 1977 London-Sydney rally. Feb 25, 2009
Motoring News 18th August 1977Motoring News cover story. Picture shows the Chuchua Jeeps and the Malaysian, Swee Chew Wong, Mercedes crossing Blackheath.Feb 25, 2009
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